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A Tribute to My Mother

As an emotional release, I wrote this poem when I learned that my mother had passed

  away due to cancer. I know she was dying because ten days before her doctors advised

  me come to Texas to her bedside. -

Let my soul be quieted within me, O Lord,

For my precious mother has just fallen asleep;

Let me rejoice at the victory

That her spirit and soul is still living

--Awaiting for her glorified body which will live forever!

Yes, Lord, I grieve at the loss of my mother

Who was such a big part of my life;

And I know You expect me to go through this grieving process6

In the midst of this underlining joy

That she is with You and is no longer suffering.

She was quite a mother!

In addition to doing what regular moms do

She willingly and unselfishly took special care of me

Because I was born with a disability of cerebral palsy.

She met my physical needs for 30 years

Like nobody else could-- the way she did, anyway;

When she saw I was getting bored from no one to play with,

She took time from her busy schedule

To play dominoes and scrabble with me.

What a great mom she was!

Maybe I am prejudice,

But I know my mom was the best mother who has ever lived!

Thank You, Lord, my God, for giving her to me!

Thank You, Lord, for letting me

See her one last time

Before she went home to be with You,

For she strengthened my faith

To the reality of heaven

As she was aglow with the joyous expectancy

Of her eternal home.

I held her hand that had gotten very thin

Like the rest of her body,

But she smiled and winked at me

As she was saying,

"It's okay, my son; it's okay."

Her wink meant so much to me!

With her glowing, radiant spirit,

She was as a overjoyed bride

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