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One thrilling experience in my life was moving into my apartment from a convalescent hospital-- like coming out of the wilderness. I wrote a poem about it.

Lord, my great wonderful Lord,

Thank You so much for giving me this apartment

Where I can be quiet and meditate about You

Instead of living in the hustle and bustle

Of a noisy convalescent hospital.

For seven long years,

I have been praying for such a place to live,

But you didn't see fit to answer my prayer right away;

And now I see that I wasn't ready for the adventure

Until Your Perfect Timing seven years later.

You started the plan rolling

When a brother from church

Suggested that I ask one of his friends

Who was also looking for a place to stay.

I asked his friend, Jeff,

About living with me plus being my night-time attendant.

Three days later,

He gave me his answer;

A simple "Yes,"

Whenever I got a little nervous

About if he knew what he was getting into,

He put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes

And said, "I prayed about it; I'm committed to you."

Poor Jeff got drilled by the agency

Who was helping me with independent-living skills

And again by the owner of this apartment

About his sincerity in wanting to help me like this,

But he remained faithful to me;

He could have walked out and found another roommate

Who was able bodied

Which would have been much easier.

Finding the right apartment

Was a major undertaking;

Not only it had to fit into my very low budget

But it had to be accessible to my wheelchair

In addition to being a certain area for transportation;

Again Jeff could have said forget it

And sought a able-bodied roommate.

Thank You, Father,

For giving him like Yours

That is full of compassion and love!

Strengthen him when he has hard times.

Oh, how I love this apartment

And all of those who are involved--

Jeff, Eddie's parents, my attendants, the relief people,

My social worker and the apartment manager!

And how I love the peace and quiet

As well as the freedoms that I have

Like to have dinner late

Tnksgiving for My Apartment

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