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What is the purpose of our existence on this earth? That is what I meditated on when I went back to my motel room after visiting my mother who was dying of cancer in a San Antonio Hospital The Lord ministered to me with these thoughts:

O Lord, thank You for this life time;

Let me meditate upon Your Greatness

And Your Reason for putting me on earth

To dwell a short portion of time

Before I go home to You and spend eternity.

You created the first man, Adam,

Beautifully and without fault;

You even gave him a self will

To choose between Your Will and his,

And You told him not to touch the tree of good and evil

In the midst of all the rest of the beautiful things

You created in the Garden of Eden.

One day he chose to depart from Your Will,

Thinking that he knew more than You, Lord;

From that man's single sin,

You have allowed him and all of mankind

To experience everything including

Heartache, sorrows, disappointments and death

That is not from You.

You have allowed us to do what we think is best

And let us become our own gods;

When we finally realize that we can't make it without You,

You come with Your out-stretched arms

To embrace us and to help us out from the mire

That we're in!

You let us have this earthly life

To humble us

So that we might know

That there is nothing good

Apart from Your Will!

When we have been humbled enough,

We will go home to heaven

Where we all chose to fall from;

This time we will stay in Your Will

And enjoy an abundance of love, peace and joy

Instead of our will

That leads to death and destruction.

So, Lord, break the bondage of any pride within us

And teach us humility

Until everything we do pleases You

And our will becomes Your Will,

For that is what You intended for our lives.

Purpose Of Life

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