Have you ever received anything that you couldn't possibly afford? My friends gave

   me a stereo that I didn't expect to get out of my wildest imagination. This got me

   to thinking about God's Grace that's much more than anything that we could ever receive.


O Lord, let me meditate upon Your Grace.

Humble me,

For surely I don't deserve this gift of grace.

Cause me to remember

How precious Your love is for me!

Some of my friends

Gave me an expensive stereo for Christmas.

I was shocked when they surprised me with it;

I saw it in a store one day,

But it was way out of my price range

And it was on too expensive, I thought,

For anybody to give it as a gift.

So I forgot completely about it

And dismissed it as a dream

Of ever having one like this.

When my friends gave me their gift of the stereo,

I was not only surprised but shocked

That they loved me so much that they would gave me

Something I considered a dream.

To receive such a gift,

I felt unworthy

And at first I didn't know how to receive their love.

But I finally was able to receive it

When I humbled myself,

Knowing well that I could never repay them

Nor expected to.

Lord, through this experience,

I want to learn two things

In my walk

With You.

My joy in Your Salvation for me

And the awe of eternal life in Your Presence

As well as the thrill of knowing You for my Lord

Are much greater than suddenly inheriting

All the treasures in the world!

Never allow me to take the attitude

That I deserve such blessings

You're showering me with.

For I am unworthy

But through Your Love for me

You made me not only worthy but righteous

To inherit Your Precious Kingdom!

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O Lord, Let Me Meditate Upon Your Grace