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In Answer to My Mother’s Prayers

In answer to my mother’s prayers, I have been blessed for years to have a caregiver, Margarita. For one of Marguerita’s birthdays, I gave her the following poem that I know would reflect on my mom’s profound appreciation for being the Lord’s vessel to help:

I thank and praise You, Lord Jesus,

For sending Ana to

As an answer to a prayer

That my mom prayed long ago.

Yes, I can remember

My mom's greatest concern for the future was

When I couldn't stay at home

Any longer.

I was too young

Too think much about it,

But You, Jesus,

Took note of it.

Even then,

My mom was against placing me in a nursing institution

But was afraid for me to go

Into independent living,

Where she heard there was much abuse.

"What will happen

To my son?!"

Was her cry

To You, O Lord.

Time went on

And I had to go into nursing homes;

Though I tried to make the best of it

Especially when she came to visit,

She repeatedly said that

I didn't belong there.

"What will happen”

To my son?!

He has too much potential

To be stuck in these institutions all of his life

But I'm afraid to let him go into an apartment

On his own,"

She cried to You, Lord, In prayer.

Her body died,

And she went on to be with You, Lord,

But her prayer about me

Didn't die.

Even though

Attendants in independent living

Tried the best they could,

You remembered my mom's prayer

And saw it fit to give me another mom--

A Mexican Ama.

Indeed, when You saw me struggling the most

With attendant care,

You spoke to Ama,

Who had eight children already,

To come to America

To take care of one more son--


On total faith,

She left her own country

And came to my rescue

To become my Ama.

Bless her, Lord,

And watch over her,

And satisfy her years

With good things,

So that her youth

Is renewed like the eagle.

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